Indian Idol 6 Videos and Episodes

vipul mehta,amritsar

Tanushree Das,Kolkata[selected]

Supama Das,Chhitaranjan[selected]

Srirupa Sadhu,Hooghly[rejected]

Sonu Quadri emotional

Shreyasi Bhattacharya,Kolkata[selected]

Shahnawaz Khan,Kolkata

rupali jagga,saharanpur

Ritika Raj,Patna[selected]

Rik Basu,Kolkata[selected]

Renu Nagar,selected

poorvi koutish,chandigarh

Pardeep Gupta funny

Nandini Bhattacharya,Kolkata[selected]

Manoj Prabhakar,Aarah

Manoj Kumar,Kolkata

Kritika Tanwar,selected

Irfan Khan,selected

Indu Bala,jammu

Indian Idol funny at day3

Harshit Kumar funny

Geeta Bhardwaj,selected

funny software guy,day1

funny english guy,day1

Emotional lady,day1

Diwakar Sharma, selected

devendra pal singh,ludhiana

Deepak Maher, selected

Debnath Hazra,Kolkata

Arpita Kar,Bhilai[Rejected]

Amrita Bharati Panda,Bhubaneshwar[rejected]

amit kumar,amritsar

Amika Shail,Howrah [selected]

Indian Idol 6 (2012) Judges are :
    • Anu Malik
    • Sunidhi Chauhan
    • Salim merchant
Indian Idol 6 (2012) Hosts are :
  • Hussain
  • Mini Mathur

How to Become a Famous Indian Singer

If you want to be one amongst the best Indian singers then here are presented the steps that can be followed.

  • The first thing that needs to be done in order to become a good Indian singer is getting training from renowned and experienced voice coach. He would teach you about various tones and voice projection exercises that would eventually help in accentuating your singing skills to the maximum extent possible. Before you can become a good singer, it is important to have knowledge about warm up exercises. The voice coach would help you getting through all these facets of learning Indian music with ease.
  • Optimism helps greatly in helping you become a better singer. Anyone who wants to be listed amongst one of the best Indian singers should show optimism and enthusiasm to learn music. You should have faith in your talent and yourself that you can do better and achieve greater heights. Individuals who are not confident about their capabilities face difficult time in achieving desired position.
  • Other important aspect of music is imagination. One might not understand the relation between music and imagination but it is essentially required. If you want to sing a song in the best manner then it is essential to put yourself in that song. You should always try to understand in what situation the song is being sung and what it is trying to convey. If you can portray the real sense of the song then it is possible to send across the message to your audience as well. It would eventually make you become a good singer without fail.
  • It is always being said that singers should have their unique singing style in order to gain popularity amongst audience. However, you can always study the singing style and technique of renowned Indian singers. This is required because you would be able to acquaint yourself with different singing styles of Indian culture.  Some of the eminent singers whose singing styles can be studied include Kishore Kumar, KL Saigal, and Md. Rafi.
  • Music requires dedication and commitment from the side of singer. Thus, you should commit yourself to singing and practice it maximum time of the day. Moreover, you should improve your singing style in order to perform better continuously.
  • Singing for cultural groups is also important for bringing a new direction to your singing career. You should also keep a recording of your singing style and submit it to various labels present in your area.

How to Learn Indian Music

Music and Indian culture are closely related to each other. Music can be used for various purposes like worship and entertainment. Thus learning Indian music forms is essential and here is presented the steps to learn it.

  • The first thing one should know in order to learn Indian music is to learn music notations used in Indian music. Seven basic notes are used in Carnatic Indian music and it is essential to have basic understanding of all these seven notes. It is worth mentioning that the intervals between the seven notes are not equal. The seven notes are Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, and Ni. It has been said that these seven notes of Indian music have developed from three basic swara or notes.
  • Indian culture consists of both traditional and modern music. Indian classical music is mainly divided into two categories that are Hindustani and the Carnatic music. The former type of music is popular in North Indian while the later one is popular in South India. One can easily find that Hindustani classical music is related to Persian music. The Carnatic music is known to be the oldest music form in the world. However, this music system is little complex and one has to learn rhythmic cycles and melodic scales.
  • Other important thing one should be familiar with in order to learn Indian music is Indian musical instruments. Some of the instruments that are popularly used in Indian music include tanpura, sitar, shehnai, tabla, bansuri and many more. A few other instruments that are used extensively in Carnatic music are violin, harmonium, mridangam, ghatam, venu, and gottuvadyam.
  • In addition, one should listen to music artists of different genre                to understand Indian music in a better form. Some of the renowned Indian artists that you can always listen to include Shankar Mahadevan, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Begum Akhtar and Alka Yagnik.

How to Become a Child Singer

If you think, your kid can become a singing star in near future then here are presented some steps to follow.

  • Obviously, if you want to see your kid become a child singer at some great level then it requires you to invest some money. It is essential for parents to set a budget for their kids. Various areas that need to be considered while setting the budget includes training, fees for participating in contests, traveling expenses, clothes and many more.  One has to be realistic while setting the budget and you should know whether spending such huge sum of money would be worthwhile or not.
  • Motivating your child to become a child singer is essential. You should continuously ask your child to perform better. Moreover, you should make him practice singing and learning scales at home as well. Parents should put in efforts to find the best trainer for their kid.
  • Once your child is well versed with basics of singing, it is time to make him participate in local singing competitions and talent shows. Surely, it is not possible for kids to get a big break at the first time. Thus, you should be patient and make your child to learn the same.
  • If you have any other people in your area having such talented children then you can form groups with them as well. It would increase the chances of getting big break for your child as well.
  • Lastly, before your kid starts performing at singing shows, it is essential to know about the laws in your state. In various states, it is essential for child performers to have permission to perform at shows. Moreover, they should have an agent for handling studio issues. Thus, if you want to see your child succeeding it is essential to pay heed to these laws.

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