Name- Bhoomi Trivedi

Place of Birth- Baroda

Nationality- Indian

Hobbies- Listening Music, Dancing


21-years old Bhumi Trivedi is not new to Indian Idol. In fact she had auditioned for the show twice – Indian Idol 3 & 4 and even got selected. She had to quit the 3rd season as she was suffering from jaundice and 4th as she had a personal crisis wherein her aunt, who she was very close to passed away because of breast cancer. She now returns to the fifth edition of Indian Idol with much more confidence and determination.

Bhumi belongs to a family that has music inherent in their blood; her father loves to sing while her mother has her own music group. Her elder sister is a trained bharat-natayam dancer. Bhumi along with her sister and mother are regular performers at Navratri events. Bhumi started to learn music while she was in 8th grade. She participated regularly in school and college’s competitions that boosted her confidence and made her take up singing seriously.

At the audition, she performs on the song, ‘babul ki aur suno liye…’.After she finishes with the song, Salim and Annu Malek asks her to sing the same song in western style. Bhumi then suggests performing another song which is in Gujarati, but she will sing it in Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ song style. Bhumi presents a unique mix of rap and hip hop in Gujarti which leaves the judges spellbound and she gets her ticket for the next round.